AKA Leonardo is an electronic producer bringing together different genres of music.  With an ear for detail, AKA Leonardo spends lots of time on experimental sounds. 

Ever since he was young, AKA Leonardo has been obsessed with music and in the early 2000's he began to be heavily influenced by Trance.  Composers Paul Oakenfold and Armin Van Buuren were early influences and to this day, AKA Leonardo credits Armin Van Buuren as his most influential producer and DJ.

AKA Leonardo's musical tastes ranges from rock, reggae, heavy metal, chill, to country and considers most genres of electronic to be his favorite.

AKA Leonardo began producing music regularly with a goal of releasing his own album.  'Bipolar', Leonardo's debut album, was released in March 2018 and was produced, mixed, mastered, and designed by himself. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles with short stints in New York and Las Vegas, AKA Leonardo still calls LA home.  

Like most musicians, AKA Leonardo discovered his sound through thousands of hours of trial and error.  These experimental sounds along with different genres of music are seamlessly blended to give AKA Leonardo his unique musical flavor.